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Physical Therapy Session


Anna Nguyen - Portrait Photo 05-07-2021.jpeg



Anna has extensive work history in major corporate companies usually within the realm of accounts management. A few years ago, Anna decided she needed to leave the hustle and bustle of her former positions and that is when she took up a role as an assistant practice manager for a specialist doctor that she had known for sometime. 


Firstline Physiotherapy has been very fortunate to have Anna join our team as of 2020 as she has really helped optimised the clinic's operations and guide staff with their roles.

More about me!

Outside of work, Anna is an avid gardener and would literally spend most of her non-working days in her gardens. Her interest in plants were so deep that she enrolled herself into a diploma of floristry a few years ago. Yes, she is a certified florist!  You may have noticed that our reception area within the clinic is filled with lush green plants and it's thanks to Anna that they're still happily thriving despite living indoors. 

Other than gardening, Anna loves to spend time with her friends and family where she would often arranges short vacations locally or, if time allows, a holiday stint overseas.

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