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Physical Therapy Session


Hamza Hamwi - Portrait Photo 05-07-2021.jpg

MPhty, BAppSc (Sp&ExSc)


Team Member Update!

As of 2023, Hamza has fully transitioned over to a new non-health-related career pathway!

Although no longer clinically active as a physiotherapist, Hamza will still remain on as a Core & Advisory Member of the FLP Team!

As such, it is very likely you will still catch him around the clinic from time to time, so do please pop in to say hello!


Master of Physiotherapy (USYD)

Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports & Exercise Science)

Certificate in Advance Myofascial Dry Needling 

Experience & Expertise

Over 5 years practising in private, medical, and hospital settings as a physiotherapist

In-depth experience in the diagnosing and treating of musculoskeletal conditions 

More about me!

Hamza found his knack for injury management during his early years at university, during which he was regularly involved in physical activity. In doing so, he was able to achieve a thorough understanding of injury prevention and recovery.

At Firstline Physiotherapy, Hamza aims to incorporate his extensive knowledge of manual therapy techniques and complement them with simple, yet effective, exercises to help tailor a program that's just right for you. 

Outside of physiotherapy, Hamza has a passion for software coding where he is able to let his creativity roam freely. He also enjoys drawing and video editing in his spare time.

Note: If you are a former physiotherapy patient of Hamza, please be assured that his experienced physio colleagues will look after you. You can find out more about them in the "Meet The Team"  section of this website. Appointments can either be booked

online or you can give us a call on (02) 8025 1098

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