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Physical Therapy Session


Kimberly Nguyen - Portrait Photo 05-07-2021.jpg

Front Desk Admin

About me!

Kimberly is currently working meticulously in her final years of high school. She has a particularly strong interest in the health & medical field and has thus joined Firstline Physiotherapy to obtain relevant experiences to help her decide which career pathway she would like to take for the future.


She also knows that communication skills and experience in working with patients are valuable assets for her career in the future and so she is constantly striving to put her best effort in when interacting with people. Kimberly currently works with us whenever she has the time and opportunity to get away from her studies, and when she does work, you'll be greeted with enthusiasm and politeness.    

Outside of work, Kimberly enjoys reading and challenging herself with difficult mathematical problems. She also loves to travel and play computer games with her friends and family.

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